At the ASVAB Tutor, We are Proud of our Military

Here at the ASVAB Tutor, we take great pride in seeing the amazing transition our students make from civilians to military personnel of all branches. We are proud of our former students who now serve our nation as soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coastguardsmen. Their courage, their motivation, and their pride in our nation led them to where they are today and for that, we salute them.




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Why Become a Member?

  • Are you looking to join the military?
  • Are you looking for a better ASVAB score?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in preparing for this exam?
  • Here at the ASVAB tutor, we can help.


We make sure to focus on assessing math skills very specifically. No two people’s results will be exactly the same. We believe you need to spend time focusing on areas that need improvement, not on areas you already know. Our assessment will target those areas to help your score to improve.

Here at the ASVAB tutor, we focus on the fact that this is a timed test. Every second counts. We focus on finding the quickest, easiest way to solve each problem. We also focus on the fact that this is a multiple-choice test. Remember the correct answer will be on the paper before you. Your challenge is to find it.


What is Different About This Site?

 This site is different from other sites.  It is created by real people, right here in the United States.  Our site provides an assessment that shows you exactly what area need improvement. We meet so many people that want to improve their ASVAB scores. 

You might have bought study guides and might be feeling overwhelmed.  You might not know where to begin when it comes to studying.  We designed this site to be more specific in assessing students’ skills.  On our site, you can take a practice test and have a personalized list of topics tailored to your needs.  Each person has different strengths and weaknesses.  The pre-assessment tells what you need to learn by topic in both arithmetic reasoning and math knowledge.

Once you realize what topics you need to review, you can read the explanation for each topic and watch a video where one of our tutors shows the quickest, easiest way to solve each problem.

The website also provides review for word knowledge by including top Latin and Greek roots words and many common ASVAB words in sentences that provide context clues for their meaning.

After reviewing all the necessary material in math knowledge and arithmetic reasoning, there is a post-assessment to show you what areas still need improvement, allowing you a chance to review the study materials again.